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Reduce your Foodprint

We reduce the impact of food on the environment by enabling festivals, (company) restaurants and food trucks to offset their carbon footprint.

Most products you serve are still not Climate Friendly 

how do we reduce your foodprint?

From raw data to well done insights

Carbon Hydrates calculates the climate impact of the food you serve through an analysis of the products you purchase or per dish on your menu. Together we develop a climate friendly purchasing strategy and compensate the remaining CO2 via verified carbon offsetting schemes.

Rob & Bob first food-neutral CO2 company restaurant in the Netherlands

Despite the emphasis on plant products, the animal products together cause more than half of the climate impact (56.7 percent) at Rob & Bob. Because climate-neutral purchasing is not possible, Rob & Bob will compensate for its full emissions. They will do this by planting 135 trees via a Carbon Reduction Programme.

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